Honk AND We'll DRINK

April 27, 2020  •  3 Comments

April 18 

83 new cases today.  That’s up from, I think, 37 new cases yesterday.  It looked like it was turning down but more bad news again.  The Tyson chicken plant in Goodlettsville just had 90 workers test positive.  60 from Davidson county.  I guess that will be in the numbers tomorrow.   

On a lighter note, I saw some cool folks on Riverside Drive having a good time when they might have rather been in a bar.  I don’t know though, this might be a way to party that we keep after this is all over.   

uber blog-4936uber blog-4936 uber blog-4937uber blog-4937 That's Sandra, Courtney, Asher and Holland. uber blog-4939uber blog-4939 uber blog-4941uber blog-4941 uber blog-4953uber blog-4953 uber blog-4957uber blog-4957 uber blog-4960uber blog-4960 Sandra was keeping a tally of the cool cars versus the not so cool cars. uber blog-4961uber blog-4961 Several years ago, a friend of mine had a bicycle shop in the bottom floor of a building.  The top floor had a skate shop.  In March, it got hit by the tornado.  The top floor was a total loss.  I’m not sure what was in the bottom floor where the bike shop was but I’m glad Dan isn’t dealing with this. 
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April 19 

Mom told me Dad is planning on going to Coffee Club tomorrow. My dad belongs to a group that have a small clubhouse off of the main drag in Union City. There are several senior members of Union City’s elite that meet here every morning to trade news of what is going on, nationally as well as locally.  It’s a rather small space where social distancing would be impossible.  I’m not crazy about the idea, he’s 79 and has Parkinson’s disease so he is high risk.  But he would rather be with friends than be at home all day long and he hasn’t been out of the house in about a month.    I get it.  And he’s not in a high-risk area.  Obion County has only had 9 cases.  They haven’t met for several weeks but tomorrow will be the first time since all this happened.   

I still worry though.  And I’m not normally a worrier.  The people that die with this disease die alone.  Family members aren’t allowed in to be with them because the disease is so contagious.  I know I will lose my dad sometime in the not so distant future.  I don’t want either of my parents to die alone, surrounded by plastic curtains. 

There was a #reopenTN rally at the capital today.  I wanted to go photograph it.  I also thought it wiser to avoid a gathering of several hundred people.  uber blog-4971uber blog-4971


Courtney V Cheek(non-registered)
Thanks so much for taking our pictures! Love your work!
Aunt Charlotte(non-registered)
What a beautiful tribute to your dad. I hope mine think half as much of me Bryan. I only go round the block not cause afraid to die but alone maybe not even a priest no one staying in xo
Good blog. Those people know how to party.
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