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April 13 

I did not drive yesterday.  I stayed home.  I actually ordered my dinner from Uber Eats.  I got fajitas from El Metate on Dickerson Rd.  I deliver from there quite a bit.  It was fantastic.   

Today I only drove 2 orders at lunch.  All my camera batteries were dead and I couldn’t find my charger so that took up some of my lunch business.  I found it though and got the camera back in working order.  I picked up an order at Frothy Monkey on the East side and asked to take a picture of the girl that brought my order.  She asked if I would mind shooting Robert instead.  I think she thought it was an odd request.   

uber blog-4811uber blog-4811

Dinner was busy.  Ran a lot of stuff to West Nashville.  I took my camera in to Lucky Bamboo on Charolette Pike because a couple of days ago they had a set-up where you went in and grabbed your food out of a little industrial cooler type thing that kept it warm.  Well today they had tables lined up blocking all the coolers and they would bring the food out and set it on the tables and call the names.  Amazing how fast things change. 

uber blog-4818uber blog-4818 uber blog-4819uber blog-4819 uber blog-4826uber blog-4826

April 14 

uber blog-4834uber blog-4834 uber blog-4835uber blog-4835 uber blog-4836uber blog-4836 Hand sanitizer everywhere but none to buy. uber blog-4839uber blog-4839 Corsair is a local distillery that is now making hand sanitizer.  I saw this outside of Von Elrod's. uber blog-4842uber blog-4842 uber blog-4845uber blog-4845

I delivered a clam pizza from Folk to a guy named Norwin today.  (eye roll)  It was on the 20 something floor of SkyHouse in Midtown.  It’s a really somber feeling going in to those buildings.  There are barriers around the concierge desk so you can’t get too close.  I came in behind a resident.  The elevator opened and I let her get in and waited for the next one.  Another resident came in behind me and she had on an N95 mask.  She stopped to check her mail.  Then she let me get on the next elevator by myself.  Inside the elevator they had four boxes marked off with tape that you were supposed to stand in if there were other people in the elevator.  They were almost six feet apart, good try.  Norwin requested that I leave the order outside his door which was right next to the elevator.  I never saw him come out and get it before the elevator opened but I was glad to get rid of that clam pizza. 

uber blog-4851uber blog-4851 uber blog-4846uber blog-4846 uber blog-4847uber blog-4847 uber blog-4849uber blog-4849

What it looks like when I get off the elevator on the 20 something floor of a high rise condo:

uber blog-4850buber blog-4850b

What I see:

uber blog-4850b compuber blog-4850b comp

Governors and the president are arguing over who has authority to end the shut down and when.  Without turning too political, while I feel like the shutdown has been a good effort in combating the spread of this virus, I’m not sure the constitution gives either the president or state’s governors the authority to require businesses to shut down. 

I logged on to the Covid-19 dashboard from John Hopskins.  It looks like the West coast is pretty much under control.  In the East, it looks like a mess from New Orleans to Atlanta to all of the East coast from Washington to New York to Boston.  Detroit, Chicago and Indianapolis have Nashville pinned in to the North.    uber blog-4853uber blog-4853 uber blog-4855uber blog-4855 uber blog-4856uber blog-4856 uber blog-4857uber blog-4857 uber blog-4860uber blog-4860


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