Murder Hornets !?!

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April 28 

uber blog-5027uber blog-5027 uber blog-5030uber blog-5030 uber blog-5052uber blog-5052 Another busy day.  The weather was beautiful.  77 degrees and partly cloudy. Chik-Fil-A on 8th Ave was nuts.  uber blog-5059uber blog-5059 They seemed to have it pretty much under control though.  Some of the best mask discipline from employees that I have seen.  Most people at other restaurants just wear them as neck warmers. uber blog-5067uber blog-5067 uber blog-5062uber blog-5062 I just walked up to the window and didn't go to the drive through.  It looked like they had people taking orders on an iPad and they had an iPhone on a stick that they could put in through the car window. I’m assuming there was some sort of card reader on them letting people pay.  uber blog-5073uber blog-5073 I’ve been noticing a lot of school signs that still have the spring break dates on them.  The end dates now just seem to mock our current situation.  uber blog-5076uber blog-5076 Some restaurants seem to be allowing outside dining now. 

Two weekends ago the family across the street from me came down with a cough.  They tried to get tested on Saturday the 18th but it was a four hour wait and they gave up.  They got tested the following Monday at the drive through site at Nissan Stadium.  Thay said there was no wait at all but the results wouldn’t be back for 7 to 10 days. I talked to them today and the test came back negative. Good news, good news indeed. 

May 4 

States are starting to open up.  Tennessee partially lifted the lock down on May 1st but Nashville is waiting until May 8. Nashville has 3191 confirmed cases and 27 deaths.  Early models had the nationial death toll estimated to between 100,000 and 200,000, then it was adjusted down to 60,000 but we passed that and have reached 67,000.  Now the newest model says 134,000 with the death rate getting as high as 3000 a day. 

Trousdale Turner Prison had 1299 inmates and 50 staff test positive three days ago.  That’s about half of the tests they did.  98% of the positives were asymptimatic.   

A recurring theme, police with their lights on.

uber blog-5081uber blog-5081 Pretty cool Ford pick-up. It's like they are just showing off all the undercover vehicles. uber blog-5090uber blog-5090

We had a bad storm come through yesterday. Lots of trees down and 240,000 homes and businesses without power. I heard it was twice as big an outage as after the tornado and some with be without power for two weeks.  And there is another big storm on the radar heading our way in a couple of hours.   

And yesterday it was announced that Giant Murder Hornets from Asia have made their way to America. Great. 



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