Sometimes you just gotta stop and shoot the horses.

May 29, 2020  •  3 Comments

May 16 

I had a delivery to St. Thomas hospital today. I went to the roundabout where the valets usually are. The doors were locked and there were signs saying no visitors. I couldn’t get in. I was supposed to meet the customer inside. I called to let her know that I couldn’t get in. She said she would meet me outside. While I was waiting, two workers came out with a patient in a wheelchair and her bags. They helped her load in to a waiting van and then realized they were now locked outside as well.  They just waited until my customer came to get her order and they got back in. Apparently they have screening stations at most of the entrances where they take your temp and give you a mask but not at this door. 

May 19 

I got my temperature taken today for the first time at Hooter’s. uber blog-5291uber blog-5291 Duchess asked me to lean forward so she could point the touchless thermometer at my forehead. She said 96.6 or so I thought. I might have misheard as that seemed low but better than high. uber blog-5299uber blog-5299 I also found this car on a delivery. I’m not really sure I follow but I would steer clear if I saw this guy coming my way. He’s gotta fix that flat first though. uber blog-5302uber blog-5302 The newest blight on the land, discarded ppe. uber blog-5304uber blog-5304 May 20 

M Street was a mess tonight. That’s several restaurants on McGavock between 11th and 12th. There are about three restaurants that all use the same outdoor area and it was crowded with no one giving a damn about social distancing. No masks either. uber blog-5309uber blog-5309 I didn’t feel like hanging around there for long and thankfully, I didn’t have to. 

May 21 

Today was new car day. I drove to Chattanooga and picked up a new-to-me 2015 Subaru Forester and it’s loaded. It’s going to be better mileage. I’m pretty excited about it. Pictures to come.  

May 22 

Dury’s announced a couple of days ago that they would not be reopening.  uber blog-5315uber blog-5315 They have been closed for a month or more. They were the only independent camera store in all of Nashville. They will be severely missed. I’m sure they had been fighting internet sales for years. Being closed for a couple of months was the blind side upper cut that did them in, I guess. 

May 23 

Sometimes you just have to stop and shoot the horses.  uber blog-5335uber blog-5335 uber blog-5338uber blog-5338 The scene at Church's drive through. The chicken is fresh tonight.   uber blog-5348uber blog-5348 uber blog-5349uber blog-5349 May 29 

It’s been almost a week since I’ve added to my journal, which goes on to be my blog. I haven’t taken many pictures lately either. I keep going to the same restaurants and seeing the same things. A lot has happened this week and I feel like I am having trouble finding new visuals to show. Virus wise, the biggest news is that the United States has passed 100,00 deaths from covid-19 and that’s over one third of all the deaths in the world. It boggles the mind how this could have hit the US worse than any other country. Davidson County has had 5,210 cases and 59 deaths. They have the testing centers open five days a week now. I still need to get some more pictures of those. The city announced today that the emergency makeshift hospital at the Music City Center would be dismantled and had not been needed. That’s 1600 beds that never got used so that’s a good thing. 



Leigh Klein(non-registered)
Maybe the guy with the posters on his car is using them to cover up damage. I have damage on my car caused in hit and run. Case still being litigated so I could use a poster too.
Linda StClair(non-registered)
I should have known what a photographer means when he says "shoot the horse" but I was expecting a metaphor (maybe because I am thi king of you as a writer these days.) The "fresh" chicken ones made me laugh.
Aunt Charlotte(non-registered)
Enjoy your blog very much they.say our town Molalla now has most cases in our county. Folks here don't wear masks I do high risk, they're not a bad thing.
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