We Will Breathe

May 31, 2020  •  2 Comments

May 31

Surely you are not getting your news from my blog and you are aware of the death of George Floyd at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers and the civil unrest that followed. Yesterday there was a peaceful protest at the capitol attended by thousands including the Mayor. After the planned protest, things got ugly. Violence erupted in several areas of downtown. Buildings were spray painted and vandalized and several people set small fires at the court house. I left before any of this happened so I don't have any pictures of the jerks that came downtown to cause trouble, just peaceful protesters. Unfortunately the reason I left early is because my camera was malfunctioning and I wanted to try to repair it. A day later and I still have no camera, Nikon is not taking repairs during the pandemic and I have heard that the local repair place has not been returning calls. Until I can get it fixed, I guess I'll be taking a break from the blog. Thanks for reading and hopefully I'll be up and running again soon. I'm going to post the pictures from the "We Will Breathe" rally without commentary.   uber blog-5480uber blog-5480 uber blog-5362uber blog-5362 uber blog-5364uber blog-5364 uber blog-5367uber blog-5367 uber blog-5369uber blog-5369 uber blog-5373uber blog-5373 uber blog-5374uber blog-5374 uber blog-5376uber blog-5376 uber blog-5377uber blog-5377 uber blog-5379uber blog-5379 uber blog-5380uber blog-5380 uber blog-5382uber blog-5382 uber blog-5384uber blog-5384 uber blog-5385uber blog-5385 uber blog-5387uber blog-5387 uber blog-5391uber blog-5391 uber blog-5393uber blog-5393 uber blog-5394uber blog-5394 uber blog-5395uber blog-5395 uber blog-5397uber blog-5397 uber blog-5399uber blog-5399 uber blog-5402uber blog-5402 uber blog-5406uber blog-5406 uber blog-5407uber blog-5407 uber blog-5408uber blog-5408 uber blog-5411uber blog-5411 uber blog-5412uber blog-5412 uber blog-5413uber blog-5413 uber blog-5418uber blog-5418 uber blog-5421uber blog-5421 uber blog-5425uber blog-5425 uber blog-5426uber blog-5426 uber blog-5429uber blog-5429 uber blog-5431uber blog-5431 uber blog-5432uber blog-5432 uber blog-5433uber blog-5433 uber blog-5434uber blog-5434 uber blog-5436uber blog-5436 uber blog-5437uber blog-5437 uber blog-5438uber blog-5438 uber blog-5440uber blog-5440 uber blog-5441uber blog-5441 uber blog-5444uber blog-5444 uber blog-5446uber blog-5446 uber blog-5454uber blog-5454 uber blog-5457uber blog-5457 uber blog-5458uber blog-5458 uber blog-5459uber blog-5459 uber blog-5461uber blog-5461 uber blog-5463uber blog-5463 uber blog-5466uber blog-5466 uber blog-5479uber blog-5479


Leigh Klein(non-registered)
Great pics. Telling the story. Thanks.
Good pictures
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